Post Offices of Stanhope : The Gathering Places of the Community

Settlers needed to keep in touch with others for a variety of reasons including family news, livestock and seed orders, equipment and supplies. Even though letters from family took months to arrive from overseas and magazines were received weeks after publication, getting them was a thrill.

Before post offices were granted for locations in Stanhope, mail had to be picked up in Minden, a day-long wagon ride away!

There were many attempts to get postal service into the hamlets of Stanhope. Petitions to the government "begged" for service and were signed by area residents. The majority of early post offices were operated out of farmhouses, and the position of Post Master was highly respected. Early mailmen were local folks who dropped mail on various routes, often leaving the mail for many families at one place, creating yet another way to gather and develop a sense of community.

Stanhope post offices were located at Boshkung, Halls Lake, Buttermilk Falls, Little Hawk Lake, Maple Lake, Peterson's Corners and Winston.

A post office created a definite sense of place and pride for settlers. Of all the original post offices created in Stanhope, not a single one remains.

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Post Offices of Stanhope
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